Aurhause Renovation and Construction is a premium construction company servicing Dayton, Ohio and the surrounding areas.

Being a small family owned and operated business since its inception in 1995, Aurhause has enjoyed the opportunity to beautify the homes of many loyal customers for the last 18 years. We attribute our successes in this industry to a very strong foundation cemented by our Ethics, Values, and our Unmatched Devotion to customer satisfaction.

This business was started by a true craftsman who spent years ingraining the value of a dollar, the importance of a man's character, and the fine art of wood work into his sons from a very young age. Today, Aurhause is owned and operated by two of his tediously trained sons, who work very hard to uphold and improve upon the standards set by this great man.

Should you decide to welcome Aurhause into your home, we will exude pride in our work, and prove what a company based on Integrity, Values, and Craftsmanship has to offer the warmth and feeling of your Home.